Nancy L. Cappelloni, M.A., Ed.D.
Educational Consultant
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 Tutoring and Student Support
Providing students support and coaching in academic areas, in developing new learning strategies, and in developing more effective study habits  

Dr. Cappelloni provides students the support they require to meet their individual needs both in academic studies and in learning strategies. She helps students become more effective learners, resulting in greater academic success. She works with students in the following areas:
  • Tutoring in academic subjects (reading, writing, and mathematics) for students in grades kindergarten through fifth
  • Coaching in self-regulated learning strategies and study skills for students in grades first through eighth. These include development of:
    • Time management skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Completing homework assignments efficiently, independently, and accurately
    • Developing effective study habits
    • Doing homework in a quiet, productive environment
    • Planning and self-pacing
    • Self-monitoring and self-evaluation
  • Providing family support with
    • Helping the family's child with homework assignments and schedules
    • Communicating with the child's teacher(s) at parent-teacher           conferences, and/or IEP meetings.          
What is a self-regulated learner?   

A self-regulated learner is one who is aware of his or her own strengths and weaknesses and is guided by his or her own personally set goals and tasks. The self-regulated learner is active in his or her own learning process. Self-regulated learning strategies are actions and processes the student employs. These include self-evaluation, goal setting, planning, seeking help, practicing and memorizing, and organizing new information.

Current research suggests that students who are motivated to learn, show self-confidence in their abilities, and are self-regulating benefit from a greater sense of self-determination and demonstrate greater academic success in school. For some students self-regulation is inherent and comes naturally. For others, it does not. Therefore, learning to employ important self-regulated learning strategies is critical for the student to learn to become self-directive, independent, and self-confident in his or her learning process. Help your child become a more self-regulated learner, experiencing greater academic success through well-implemented learning strategies and intervention.
Contact Nancy Cappelloni, Ed.D.
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