Private School Choices and Applications

Many families need assistance in the application process for their child’s private school, from preschool through high school. These include help in choosing a good match and the right choice for their child, help with the private admission process and time line; and completing school applications and student and parent essays.

Dr. Cappelloni assists families in this entire process for private schools in Marin and San Francisco, as well as applications beyond the Bay Area.


Preschool: Why is a good preschool so important?

Preschool is an important milestone in your child’s life. For most children, this is their first formal introduction to reading, listening, following directions, sharing, interacting with others outside of their family, and learning developmentally appropriate social skills.

Preschool serves both to broaden the child’s general knowledge about the world around her or him and as a bridge, or transition, from the security of the home to the more formal kindergarten classroom. A good preschool will nurture the child through developmentally appropriate activities, encourage play, creativity, discovery, cooperative play, develop social skills and independence, and will give the child a foundation in oral language development and emergent literacy skills.

In choosing a preschool for your child, there are many factors that go into the decision. For a consultation to discuss your concerns and your individual child’s needs, contact Dr. Cappelloni.