Self-regulated Learning

Help your child to become a self-directed, independent, self-regulated learner.

Self-regulated learners are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and are guided by their own personally set goals and tasks. Self-regulated learners are active in their own learning process.

Self-regulated learning strategies are actions and processes the student employs. These include self-evaluation, goal setting, planning, appropriately seeking help, practicing and memorizing, and organizing new information.  Students who are intrinsically motivated to learn show greater self-confidence in their abilities to perform class work in different academic domains.

Current research suggests that students who are self-regulating demonstrate greater academic success in school. For some students self-regulation is inherent and comes naturally. For others, it does not.  Therefore, intervention in learning to employ powerful learning strategies is critical for students to learn to become self-directive, independent, and self-confident in their learning process.

Help your child become a more self-reguated learner, experiencing greater academic success through well-implemented learning strategies and intervention.