Parent Testimonials:

You are such a wonderfriend friend and teacher to our little ones. We appreciate all you do for us all year long!

Dr. Nancy, thank you for once again for working your special magic!

Dr. Cappelloni is amazing. She was my daughter’s kindergarten teacher 9 years ago, and our favorite teacher (hands down). Experienced, caring and she thinks outside the box. No matter what it is that your child needs to be ready for school, Dr. Cappelloni is qualified to assist and guide you and them in the right direction.

We will always feel indebted to Dr. Cappelloni for all the help and guidance she gave us through the decision and application process – thank you!

It is impossible to properly put into words how thankful we are for Dr. Nancy’s unfaltering dedication to our child and our family. We are so delighted that Dr. Nancy was able to see past our son’s challenges and recognize him as the terrific little wonder that he is.

Dr. Nancy, you will always be a part of our lives….Our daughter has gained so much by being around you. I am grateful for all you have done for her. You truly are a wonderful teacher.

Dr. Nancy has made learning very fun for our child and also helped build up his confidence in his skills.We appreciate how Dr. Nancy has such a wonderful way with children. She truly is a special teacher.

Dr. Nancy is an amazing teacher and we feel fortuante, thankful, and blessed to have her in our lives. We have been blessed by her magical teaching ways and love she have given to so many children.

Dr. Nancy, thank you so much for making the college application process so smooth and stress-free. We truly appreciate you, and all that you do!

You are truly a gifted teacher.

We appreciate so very much all the wonderful things you do to inspire kids.

As I am sure you are aware, Dr. Nancy is truly AMAZING.

Student Testimonials:

I like Dr. Nancy because she is very kind to me and helped me a lot. – M

Dear Dr. Nancy, You are the sweetest teacher I’ve ever met. – K

I like Dr. Nancy because she treats me like the way I want to be treated.  – Z

Dr. Nancy, you are my best friend. – S

Dear Mrs. Cappelloni, I want to marry you. – B