Professional Development

Dr. Cappelloni provides the following Professional Development Workshops and Training for Teachers:

  • Preschool
  • PreKindergarten (PreK)
  • Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
  • Kindergarten (K)


Staff Development in Early Literacy in the Early Childhood Classroom

Preparing young children for the transition to early reading in kindergarten will help them to be successful learners both during kindergarten as well as during their first years of formal schooling.

Staff development training to teaching staff in preschool and prekindergarten classrooms incorporates the following:

•     Introducing teachers and staff to the components of an early literacy curriculum used in a pre-school and prekindergarten classroom

•    Instructional practices and activities to encourage the four components of a balanced language arts program—speaking, listening, reading, and writing

•     Creating a literacy-rich classroom environment

•     Instructional practices and activities in pre-reading, pre-writing, emergent, and early reading skills

•    Involving families in supporting language and literacy

•    Assessing children’s skills in receptive and expressive language, concepts of print, phonemic awareness, and alphabetic knowledge

•    Implementing effective learning strategies for young children with diverse learing styles, special needs, and English language learners.

This training will prepare both new and returning teachers to implement research-based reading strategies to enhance the early language, phonological awareness, and reading development of children ages three through six.